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Redfish Lures, Trout Lures, Flounder Lures, Bass Lures, Cobia Lures, Snook Lures, Muskie Lures, Pike Lures, Striper Lurew  and any other Predatory Fish Lures. We Specialize in Custom Lures for Anglers Who Want Tournament Quality Tackle at Tackle Store Prices.

Blades & Hooks
Bass, Walleye, Pike

In Shore - Freshwater
In Shore - Freshwater

Jigs & Weighted Hooks
Jigs & Weighted Hooks

Surf & Offshore
Offshore & Surf Fishing

Tournament and professional fishermen have been using our Lures for mearly a decadewith great results and $$$! Now you too can catch more fish with New Concept Lures. All our lures are handmade by fishing experts from American made components in Jacksonville FL. New Concept Lures™ designs lures that attract and catch fish! We specialize in Spinnerbaits and our very own Spinner Jig the "Stinger" (Patent Pending). Additionally if you want a special design based on your experience and your local fishing locations/conditions we will fabricate lures specifically designed just for you. Your design is confridential and so is your order. (Don't expect to pay Mega-Mart import prducts prices)

Our lures combine 4 of the 5 actions that actually attract fish. This combination makes them much more productive than the normal off the shelf spinner baits. If you are serious about catching fish and want quality hand made tackle from American made components is the best way to go. Innovative and Custom Tackle is our specialty and ALL our tackle carries a money back/replacement guarantee! Our prices are comparable to other “quality” lures purchasable from your local tackle store. Remember the goal is to catch fish and enjoy the sport of fishing, not to try and save a buck and wasting hours on the water with inexpensive big box store low quality gear. We design and make all our tackle and back it for quality and performance!

We sell our custom fishing lures at  Arlington Bait and Tackle, University Boulevard North, also at Stike-Zone Fishing on Beach Blvd. in Jacksonville, Florida. Contact us today (904) 223-9443 for more details on how our handmade lures can help you enjoy fishing to the fullest.

  • 17 Different Series For >> IN-SHORE/FRESH WATER
    (4 Kinds of Stinger™, Mighty Mite,  Thumper, Butterfly Shrimp, Redfish Edge, Thunder, Predator, MF Predator, Grassmaster, Freedom, Pony-x-Press, the Digger and No-Name Lure. We also make Weighted Circle Hooks/Jigs Bass Spinner-Baits, Buzz Baits, Pike and Muskie Lures and Weighted Kahle Hooks and we carry a selection of Duo-Lok snaps & Hitch Hikers,

  • 12 Different Series For >> SURF & OFFSHORE
    (Wahoo Whackers, Tuna Takers, Dolphin Magic, Cobia Killers, SeaDancer, Off-Shore Stingers,, Weighted Circcle Hooks, Circle Hook Jigs,  Surf/Pompano Rigs, Claw & Spide Sinkersr,   Bottom jigs and rigs, Shark Rigs and Surf Rod Holders)

Catch more fish with Our Tackle. Remember; if you don't like our lures we'll take them back because we don't want them in your tackle box and have you talk bad about them

We specialize in custom Lures and Jigs that get results! SO YOU CATCH MORE FISH!!!