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Surf Fishing

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  1. TARPON & COBIA  (right side))


    4" 1 1/4oz or 1 1/2oz WEIGHTED POPPING CORK w/ACOUSTIC RATTLE CHAMBER (very durable unless you let a shark eat it .051HEAVY SS WIRE) Learn More
  2. "DEAD STICK" Long Shank Circle Hook Jig Head

    "DEAD STICK" NO-BRAINER Long Shank Circle Hook Jig Head (3 PACK)

    Circle hook Jig Heads With Mustad LONG SHANK circle 904-223-9443 Price only includes choice of ONE jig Head

    Weight: 1/8oz .655, 1/4oz .770, 3/8oz 1.80, 1/2oz 2.11

    Learn More
  3. Weighted Circle Hooks 1/0 - 4/0 RAINTED OR NAKED

    MINI NO-BRAINER,aWeighted Circle Hooks for live bait 4 pk painted or 5 pk naked

    Weighted Circle hooks; 2/0, 3/0 & 4/0 from 1/16 or 1/8. For free-lining minnows hook them between the anal fin and the tail on the under side, shrimp hook them under the horn in both of these cases the bait is always swimming upward and silhouetting themselves aginst the sky. For fishing under a float just reverse the hook location and they will swim downward to the depth you have set them at instead of twisting themselves around your line above the float. Colors: Hot pink, White, Yellow Chartruse, Green Chartruse, Pearl, Bright Orange & many others When using these I usually out fish my friends 3:1 AVAILABLE IN 4 or 5 PACKS Learn More
  4. Beach Umbrella Holder Medium

    Beach Umbrella & SURF ROD Holder Medium 1 1/4"

    Beach Umbrella & Surf rod Holder Medium size, diameter 1 1/4" tube. Learn More
  5. Surf Rod and Beach Umbrella Holder for 9 ft (Large) w/tablel

    Surf Rod Holder for7- 9 ft (Large) w/table

    Surf Rod holder For7-9 ft) foot rods 1 5/8" hole 1.25" SAND AUGER BIT MAKES LIFE EASIER Learn More

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