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We make; Redfish Lures, Trout Lures, Flounder Lures, Bass Lures, Muskie Lures, Pike Lures and Your New Lures. Our specialty is Spinner-Baits Jig Heads and Weighted Hooks.

Rob Coxey is a retired, 28 year, US Navy veteran who specialized  in nuclear engineering on submarines. here he studied fluid dynamics and the effects of sound in water. This knowledge translates to an understanding of the effects of tackle movement and vibration patterns in water. He combines 60 years of fishing experience with his knowledge of sound and vibration effects to make each of his fishing lures. All are tested thoroughly for effect before marketing them..He uses different blades to create different flash patterns, lift characteristics, and frequencies to most effectively attract, and more importantly, catch fish!

A number of years ago his interest in fishing was increased as a means of therapy after a major physical injury. When he visited a local tackle shop to update his tackle box, he was surprised to find that they didn't have what he was looking for, but more importantly, that they primarily sold cheap low quality imported tackle. Most appeared to be made for its cosmetic appearance rather than fish catching value. Some could even be referred to as “Chinese junk” they even had the hook eyes painted shut. This experience led him to start designing and making quality effective lures for himself and a few friends starting in 2004. Because of the success with his lures, the friends encouraged him to start a business and he did by forming the New Concept Lures™ brand. At first he limited his production to active fishing friends and several tournament anglers. After more than two years of successful field trials and improved catch results he determined it was time to expand his line of products and sell to the general fishing public. In 2009 added an internet web site but he is still the best kept secret in the tackle industry. The Tournament Pros he supplies still like it that way, but serious fishermen can now enjoy the opportunity for better success and larger catches of fish.

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